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Conor bases its offer on the management of the entire production-distribution process.

Production: Conor, as a commercial company of Agribologna, can count on associated farms. It has a close partnership with non-member suppliers that guarantees direct relationships, definition of quality specifications and controls at origin.
Packaging centres: Conor has the conditioning and packaging capabilities of the agricultural product, with the creation of added value for the specific needs of its customers.
Logistics facilities on the territory: Conor is able to oversee the distribution channels through a network of refrigerated logistics platforms that operate in harmony with the Headquarters, offering and delivering products on the basis of shared specifications, with cost savings for the benefit of customers.

Services: After-sales assistance, computerisation of processes, performance measurement. These are some of the services that Conor provides for its customers on the territory, with attention to the timely and effective resolution of problems.