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Conor is the leading dealer in fresh produce for the catering industry.

At Conor, we specialise in the marketing of fruit and vegetables grown directly in the fields of our partner producers in Italy and abroad. 

We have over 60 years of experience in this sector and are specialised in the distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables to the main players of the mass, commercial, maritime, hotel and military catering industry as well as to the foreign markets and other distribution channels that are on the look-out for excellent service combined with constant and customised high-quality standards.

Our priority is to meet the needs of an extremely vast public and that is why we supply final clients with a vast range of products and 21 logistics platforms distributed throughout the national territory easily accessible from all corners of the Italian peninsula to guarantee freshly-harvested produce everywhere.

In addition, our fundamental values include the focus on high-quality and the management of the entire distribution chain from production, marketing, food safety, computerisation of the processes and pre- and post-sales assistance.