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Conor is the leading dealer in fresh produce for the catering industry.
The quality of a first class journey.

Saving time is a crucial factor in optimising business costs. The ready-to-eat and fresh-cut or fresh-cooked fruit and vegetables are a valid response to this need.

We have a vast selection of vegetables ready-to-eat or cook after being cut, cleaned up from plant residues and sanitised.

Mixed salad, valerian, rocket, carrots into julienne strips, fennel wedges, cauliflower florets, onion rings, sliced aubergines and pre-cooked potatoes are just some of the products forming part of our range, which includes around 90 types of fresh-cut or fresh-cooked and ready-to-eat vegetables, cut or whole, both traditional and organic, in convenient bags of different sizes. In addition, a specialised facility produces an entire range of fresh-cut fruit sold under the Fresco Senso brand that includes around 35 products.

Monitoring the production and the choice of the raw materials enables us to meet all kinds of customer requirements when it comes to products, timing, packaging and weight. We provide final clients with a dedicated R&D team to assist them at any point during our collaboration.