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Conor is also a point of reference for new markets. 

Modern Distribution and Wholesalers represent the main export channels, to which Conor proposes itself as the ideal partner to support the development of consumption.  

This additional business unit allows us to reach the neighbouring European countries, the Middle East, the Far East and the American continent with a vast selection of products that are typically Italian. The availability of a vast selection of typical Italian fruit and vegetable products provides accreditation for importers on certified quality, guarantee of wholesomeness, control and traceability of the supply chain.
Its special competition is characterised by the ability to manage, with the same delivery quality, both very high-value products, such as first fruits, truffles and mushrooms, and highly mass-produced ones, with its own brand and private labels.
Furthermore, the close production-distribution relationship favours the process of orders quickly and an efficient handling of goods.